Selasa, 14 Agustus 2012

Who Remove YouTube of iPhone, Apple or Google?

YouTube no longer present as a default application in mobile operating systems Apple's IOS version 6.

Both Apple and Google, had his own reasons about the loss of YouTube. Is this an agreement?

Apple claims 5-year contract between Apple and Google for YouTube in IOS, has ended. As for Google, do not give reasons for this.

Technology site CNet writer, Ben Parr, assess, Apple is systematically trying to rid itself of the influence of Google on IOS.

Not only are disposed YouTube, Apple also decided to no longer install digital map Google Maps application on the IOS version 6.

Both are important applications, Apple namuan dare throw it away.

Instead of Google Maps, Apple makes its own digital map applications that work with TomTom, C3 Technologies and OpenStreetMap.

All people are likely to think that Apple was the one who removes YouTube memutustkan of IOS. Wait a minute, Ben Parr who are experts in the field of digital business, look at the matter is not entirely Apple's arrogance.

Over the past five years, according to Ben Parr, Apple themselves who develop YouTube in IOS. Google does not much interfere in the development cycle.

Now, Google is solely responsible for the development of YouTube. Video sharing service will be a standalone application that is downloaded via the Apple App Store.

On the positive side, the IOS YouTube would become faster, smarter, and feature rich.

However, Ben Parr assess any negative side of this decision. YouTube in IOS will probably come with various offers of advertising, something that had never appeared before the user's iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Over the past five years, Apple does not allow Google to run a business ad on YouTube for IOS. When the agreement expires, Google is free to sell advertising and be ready to gain millions of dollars.

According to Ben Parr, this advantage could be taken by both parties. Apple is trying to rid itself of the influence of Google, while Google prepares to run ads on YouTube application for IOS.